Yoga has been a constant throughout the last 12 or so years, my Univeristy degree, private challenges and my work in the corporate world. The importance of me-time 'on the mat' has therefore become the focal point in my classes and I am hoping to transmit this to my students. 

The traditional and grounding Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary series and the 'flying' and lifting Rocket Yoga 1 and 1.5. built the foundation of my 200 RYT training. Since then, I am dedicated to continuously advancing my anatomical, spiritual and physiological knowledge and awareness thorugh the study of different disciplines. During a stay with a former spinal surgeon in his orthopaedic clinic in Delhi, I was able to gain extensive knowledge of the body and expand my understanding of anatomical and physiological concepts and the mind/spirit approach. Amongst many other things, I reviewed the intrinsic links within our bodies and learnt how to use them to stretch, strengthen and mobilise our bodies safely.

I am now teaching a hybrid of my learning and try to synchronise and plan my classes carefully with the believe that we need to take time to nurture ourselves. I encourage students to work with internal energies with a particular focus on our spine. All with the intention to balance yin and yang.

Alongside corporate and private classes, you can find me teachinga few selected public classes. Details can be found under the schedule tab. For more information on how to book a private or corporate class or if you would like to work together, please click here.