My full time commitment in the corporate world, years of studying and my own yoga practice allow me to provide you with all the tools for your very own yoga journey. 

Yoga can help improve your physical health, detoxify and relax your stiff limbs, to access breathing techniques for mind stillness and capacity or to learn about meditation techniques which may allow you to reach deeper levels of your consciousness. Yoga has many benefits and a needs-tailored private or corporate session can help you find your own yoga. For more infos, see the below and do get in touch.




I initially focused on teaching busy inner-city offices. Since I knew the struggles of a busy inner-city lawyer, I felt drawn to helping those in similar situations.

Through my own practice, workshops and continuous study with a focus on us office workers I am know equiped to understand which postures best stretch and mobilise those desk- and chair-harmed bodies and, maybe more importantly, how to calm those minds that often cannot stop calculating and analysing.

It is proven that pre-work, lunch time or post work exercise and a calming meditation do not only improve the physical state of being but also efficiency, team spirit, moods and general well-being.  My work does therefore not only focus on the physical, the gentle stretches and muscle improvement, but the opportunity to switch off. The benefits of 3 minutes of stillness are endless.

Corporate classes are tailored to your, your company's and employees’ needs and can range from 2 people to larger groups.



Over the years I have worked with private clients  to improve their physical practice, to get deeper into postures or work on those tricky inversions. Others students wanted to get a head-start and understand the postures that we commonly see in busy studio classes . Some wanted to work on and with injuries.

We will be sitting down and discuss your goals and expectations over a cupt of tea. We will then establish a common goal and a plan how to reach it. Classes can be arranged at your own place, in a studi, gym  or park and can take place once, weekly or scheduled over months. It is all about your needs.

Hourly rates range from €75 to 125 depending on numbers, location and other requirements.