My yoga happened when I experienced ‘union’ for the first time: I went into a yoga class and came out having no recollection of what just happened. My mind, body and spirit became one for a short time - and I forgot everything around me. The mind was still.

Not always do I experience this; in fact much less often than I would like to. Every day the mind is different, every day the body is different, every day is a challenge and a rewarding practice of life, love and yoga. But now I know that this space, the it, is there and I believe that we are all capable of learning the mastery. So my path continued.

After many years of a sometimes more casual and other times more rigorous practice, a couple of academic degrees and some legal qualifications on the side, my path led me to London. It was then and there, in the midst of a new city, big job and new envirnonment, that I finally signed up for this teacher training that I was contemplating for so long.

I was, and still am, blessed with amazing teachers, the kindest and most inspiring group of fellow yogis and a heart warming love from an incredible and global family. After weeks of tears and sweat and, what proved to be the most challenging, educational, physical and emotional self-work, I finished my 200 hour RYT Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket Yoga training with The Yoga People Jamie and Dulce, And so this new journey began - forever grateful to my teachers, those who came along this path, those of the present and those who will join me in the future.


I am fully qualified in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket 1 and 1.5 and hold the relevant certifications and insurance.